Healthy Chocolate Cream

Who would believe a delicious low-calory chocolate cream could protect your intestines? You don’t even need to be an experienced chief for this easy recipe !

This recipe contains healthy tasty ingredients, and is gluten-free, diary-free and lectin-free.


  • 500ml of almond or nut milk, with no added-sugar, enriched in calcium. Ideally you can lake your own almond or hazelnut milk: use your bullet blender to chop your almonds or hazelnuts, add lithotamne powder (for the calcium) and water. Cheap and easy!
  • 30g of arrowroot starch
  • 20g of coconut sugar (optional)
  • 100g of dark chocolate (minimum of 70% of cocoa)

Tasty tips

Athletes can add 50g of hemp flour, which is rich in proteins and present and ideal omega3/omega6 ratio. This cream becomes a super recovery snack.

For taste buds delight, you can add Bourbon vanilla, cinnamon, and/or orange zest.

Let’s cook !

  1. In a pan, add a small amount of your almont (or hazelnut) milk to the arrowroot starch.
  2. Put the chopped chocolate and the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Place over medium heat an stir until the mixture becomes smooth
  4. Transfer into ramekins and refrigerate about 1 hour before serving.

When serving, this chocolate cream can be accompanied by dry fruits (pistachios), or fresh fruits (raspberries…)

Enjoy !